Sample Itinerary

Each of our programs is a unique leadership development, cultural immersion and service-learning experience that is built on a carefully considered set of Program Components.

Sample Itinerary: Because each country and city has its own unique cultural and physical landscape, the emphasis of each component varies. Below you’ll find a sample itinerary for our Leon, Nicaragua program.

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Sample Itinerary for LEON, NICARAGUA

Day 1

Sample Itinerary:Arrival to Nicaragua
Students are met by Global Glimpse staff at the airport in Managua and then are treated to their first real Nicaraguan food at a typical “comedor”. They may participate in a walking tour in the historical Plaza de la Revolucion where students learn about the Old Cathedral, Presidential house, Congress where the 79′ revolution occurred,  and Ruben Dario (the Nicaraguan Shakespeare) monument. They then take the bus ride to Leon. Students arrive at their hostel, unpack, rest and eat dinner. They then have their first nightly meeting to discuss the day’s events and prepare for their next full day!

Day 2

Sample Itinerary - HistoryHistory

Students begin the day with a morning seminar to set the tone for the day and unwrap the complexity of the country’s history. They then take a walking tour around the city, learning the history of Nicaragua and the city they will be living in for the next 20 days. The tour culminates at the Museo de Revolucion where students spend time talking with Ex-Revolutionary fighters. Students close the day with a discussion about how history impacts the present and prepare for the next day.

Day 3

Sample ItineraryCulture
Students start the morning with seminar to discuss culture and its role in society. Students then visit the indigenous community of Sutiaba to hear captivating  stories of the indigenous people. Students learn about the death of the last indigenous chief who died at the hands of the Spanish and the role of the church that now stands in the center of the community. In the afternoon students have the opportunity to learn traditional dances in Leon as they visit an organization that promotes and preserves Nicaraguan traditions.

Day 4

Sample Itinerary - Global Glimpse StudentWorking Like a Local
Students wake up early and take a trip to Los Alpes cattle ranch. The owner of the ranch shares her experiences running a business in Nicaragua and what her daily routine is like. Students work alongside the locals at the ranch and try their hand at milking cows, harvesting crops, planting fields and spending time with the local community until the sun sets. Students wrap up the day by preparing their English tutoring materials for their English Language students.

Day 5

Sample Itinerary - Global Glimpse StudentsGlobal Business & English Tutoring
Field trip to San Carlos farm where students meet with the owner who shares his passion for the environment and takes students around his amazing land. Students begin to understand sustainability and the challenges he  faces working sustainably with international buyers. Student reflect on globalization, fair trade and the impacts of corporations on a developing country.  Students end the day with their first English Tutoring sessions at the local university in Leon!

Day 6

Sample Itinerary - Global GlimpseFun Day
Students head to the beach in Poneloya and have lunch and relax. On the way back they visit a beautiful waterfall outside of Leon. In the evening they head to the Myths and Legends Museum, a haunted jail used during the Somoza dictatorship. The old saying goes that the spirits of the guards and the prisoners appear every night! Students finish they day with another English Tutoring session and a nightly group meeting.

Day 7

Sample Itinerary - Global GlimpseFree day
Students have a chance to fully relax and walk around the city. They can call their families and spend time uploading pictures at the internet cafe. Students usually do their laundry and hang out at the hostel getting to know each other and resting.

Day 8

Sample Itinerary - Global GlimpseLiving Like a Local
On this day students experience and share a full day in the life of a family in the El Tololar community. They experience what is it like to survive with $1 a day. There is no running water or electricity and students eat rice and beans for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Student spend the day building powerful relationships with local families who open their homes.  Students then reflect as a group on the question of inequality and the larger concept of global poverty. This experience helps students clarify their thoughts on service and prepares them for their community action project.

Day 9

Sample Itinerary - Global GlimpseShadowing a High School Student
Students participate in a morning seminar on education in Nicaragua. Students then visit a public school to understand the education system in Nicaragua, infrastructure, and needs of public schools in Nicaragua. Students have the opportunity to shadow a Nicaraguan high school student and participate in school activities such as math classes, art classes, and sports. Students reflect on the importance of education and the differences and similarities of Nicaraguan and US education systems.

Day 10

Sample Itinerary - Global GlimpseCommunity Action Project Planning
Students are introduced to the partner organization that they will be working with on their service project and spend the day understanding the mission of the organization and the needs they are addressing. The students then participate in a workshop to discuss what projects would be most feasible and beneficial to design and deliver in partnership with the local organization.

Day 11

Sample Itinerary - Global GlimpseAdventure
Students take a field trip (boat tour) to beautiful Juan Venado Island where they learn about the ecosystem and environmental problems in the area. They bring a packed lunch to eat at the semi-private beach. In the afternoon students relax and enjoy the beach with an optional mangrove kayak. In the evening they return for their English tutoring and nightly meeting.

Day 12

Sample Itinerary - Global GlimpseDeconstructing Poverty
Students spend the morning with workers at the local dump to better understand what they do for a living and the challenges of overcoming poverty. This experience provides a glimpse of poverty in a developing country, but also allow students to understand how their lives are similar and different from the lives of those living in the dump. In the afternoon students visit the Las Tias organization to learn about how this organization helps street kids and the challenges of running a non-profit in the developing world. After the English Tutoring students participate in a small group reflection session about what they experienced that day.

Day 13

Sample Itinerary - Global GlimpseCommunity Action Project Delivery
During the final week of the program students have to work together to deliver their Community Action Project. They learn to delegate roles and responsibilities, manage a budget and set goals. Students work alongside locals to deliver their community action project.

Day 14

Sample Itinerary - Global GlimpseCommunity Action Project

Students continue to work on the project and in many cases wake up at 6am and work until the sun goes down. The students gain crucial skills in teamwork, critical thinking, organization and project sustainability.

Day 15

Sample Itinerary - Global GlimpseClosing Reflection

Students have a chance to enjoy their last day in Leon, purchase souvenirs for family and friends and participate in a closing celebration with their English studentsStudents participate in a structured closing reflection workshop where they reflect on all they have learned and experienced during their GG journey. They have an opportunity to appreciate others for their contributions (GG Leaders, Coordinators, and their peers.) They spend time evaluating the program and identify how they will keep the GG spirit alive back home as Alumni Ambassadors.

Day 16

Sample Itinerary - Global GlimpseFlying Home

At the airport they say their goodbyes to their in-country Program Coordinators and new Global Glimpse family and fly back to the United States.